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Smart finishes for original floorboards

April 2, 2020 2:54 pm



Finding the perfect finish for original floorboards

Original floorboards have always been fashionable, and they continue to gain in popularity and are a very sought after feature in homes. Increasingly, homeowners who want to retain the uniqueness and beauty of original wood flooring, are looking at ways to enhance their natural beauty by being creative with an array of different finishes. From different shades of paint, to oils, varnishes and stains, there are several ways to create superb finishes which have the ability to inject warmth and style into your home. The smartest finish for your home will be dependent on your own taste and preference. You could make your home modern by using stunning black for your original floorboards, or perhaps you want to bring out the character of your period home by using a clear varnish.

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Inspirational finishes

An online flooring company can be a great place to find sources of inspiration for enhancing your original floorboards. Many people can become confused by the available options and find it helpful to look at the examples of the many different finishes. Original floorboards range from beautiful pine to classical oak – the perfect finish will be determined by the overall character of your home. Pine flooring can look stunning in period homes by simply sanding the floorboards and finishing with a clear varnish, or a high gloss option such as polyurethane can be perfect for lighting up a room whilst being scratch resistant and easy to maintain. The following link has some great tips and advice for floorboards: http://www.nwfa.org

Painted floorboards

Painted floorboards can be a quick and easy way to spruce up any room and can dramatically change the appearance of a room with minimal effort. Whitewashed floorboards can look amazing in a bathroom or kitchen, whilst matt paint can hide flaws in original floorboards and give your home a unique appeal. Black and walnut stains are especially stunning and exude elegance with their rich, yet understated tones.

Smart finishes for original floorboards are so diverse. With so many different available options, you are sure to find the perfect finish and style for your home, creating a unique and long lasting impression.

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