Having long luscious locks may be something you have always dreamed of and having hair that is long enough to be styled in a thousand different ways is definitely the desire for many women. But hair can become troublesome for a part of our homes that we rely upon every day but probably don’t think very much about. That’s right, it is our drains.

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Hair can block our drains and when it joins together with soap and shampoo residue it creates a blockage in the pipes that allows for very little water to get through. This will result in a build up of stagnant water that will then cause a very unpleasant smell to emanate out of your plug. In order to remove this kind of blockage deep down in your drains you will need the services of a Blocked Drains Chelmsford company to deal with this issue for you.

There are ways in which you can protect your drains from the damaging effect of hair.

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Drain guards – these can be placed over your plug holes and they will catch any hair that floats away and you can then remove this hair before it has the chance to travel down the pipes and create a blockage.

Flannel – if you have a cat or a dog that you bath regularly you can place a flannel over the plughole and this will catch any waywards hairs that float around leaving your drain free of pet hair.

When hair becomes problematic

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