Oak trees have been around in the UK for millenia and they have appeared in many myths and legends. Ancient oaks are protected and any work carried out on them has to be approved and undertaken by a qualified Tree Surgeon Essex way, or whatever location the tree is in.

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Benchmark Tree Surgeon Essex way works with numerous different trees and they can give you advice on any trees that you have on your domestic or commercial premises. If you have oak trees, here are some interesting facts that you may not know about.

  • A fully mature oak tree can grow to an incredible 45 metres tall which puts them in the medium height tree category.
  • It is thought that oak trees have been around on our planet for over 65 million years which makes them one of the oldest trees that still exist in our country and they can live for over a thousand years.

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  • Acorns are the seeds of an oak tree and it is thought that if a tree lived to be 1000 yeras old that it would have produce over 10 million acorns in its lifetime.
  • There are hundreds of different types of oak tree with the current estimation being around 600. They are all oak trees but differ some one another in look, sometimes very subtly. This is like humans having different coloured hair and eyes, we are all humans but look subtly different.
Interesting fact about Oak trees

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