Whilst weddings were traditionally more likely to be a summer affair, more and more couples are now opting for winter weddings. Winter weddings can be every bit as beautiful as summer weddings, but often leave guests struggling when it comes to outfit choices.

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Here are a few tips to help you dress for a winter wedding.

Layer up

Hopefully, you won’t be left standing around outdoors for too long, but you should still be prepared for outdoor group photographs, particularly if the weather is fine. If the wedding is taking place entirely in a hotel, you won’t need to bother carrying a heavy winter coat around with you all day, but adding subtle extra layers can be a big help in keeping you warm. It might sound old-fashioned, but a vest or white t-shirt under your shirt can really make a difference in cold weather.

Or how about a smart waistcoat that looks great under your suit and adds an extra layer of warmth? Wearing a tailored waistcoat over your shirt adds a touch of class. If you already have a suit and can’t find a matching waistcoat, choose one in a complementary shade. Smart shirts look great under a sharp waistcoat.

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Wear a smart coat

If you’re going to a traditional wedding that’s taking place at more than one venue, you’ll need an appropriate coat. A smart wool or similar coat in a dark muted shade looks great worn over a suit and will keep you warm when you’re standing around outside the church or other venue. Business Insider website accepts that it can be tough to strike a balance between smart and warmth when pairing a coat with a suit, so they’ve put together some examples of coats that look terrific in formal settings.


If it’s particularly cold, you might want to add some accessories, such as a scarf and gloves. Your everyday cold weather accessories might not cut it at a formal wedding, so consider buying a smart matching set that complements the colour of your coat and suit. Plain dyed scarves or traditional patterns such as stripes or argyle knit are good choices – steer away from anything too outlandish or informal if you don’t want to look and feel out of place at a formal gathering.

How to Dress for a Winter Wedding
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