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Get your garden great this summer

February 23, 2022 2:02 pm


As the weather really starts to heat up, it’s time to drag your barbecue out, blow up the paddling pool and dust down the sun lounger. For getting the most of summer while it lasts, it pays to take some time getting your garden in shape for the season. Make sure your garden looks beautiful for the time of year when it actually becomes an extension of our indoor living space. Here are some summer garden jobs that it’s really worth taking the time to do, so you can give your outdoor space the best chance to look fantastic this season:  If you are looking to sell your home a building survey Manchester company like Sam Conveyancing will inspect your garden so ensuring all is correct will both tick that box and inspire prospects

Get rid of weeds

Get rid of the previous season’s weeds. In the lead up to the summer, you want your garden looking its best right from the footpath to the lawn and borders. If you find you have lost the battle and missed the moment to tackle the weeds as you find them, you might want to call in the cavalry with specially designed weed control products.

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Clearing out the shed

Throughout the long winter, odds and ends tend to accumulate, resulting in chaotic clutter that needs sorting out. If you love your garden shed, then this should be a priority. Follow these tips:

Take everything out from your shed.

Sort all the items into groups of ‘keep’ and ‘save’.

Discard, recycle or give away everything in the ‘do not save’ pile

Think about what you have left in comparison to the size of your shed. Be ruthless and only keep what you can reasonably store.

Clean the inside

Place the remaining items back in the shed in an organised sequence that makes sense.

Think about shade

If you have a lack of shade but still want to enjoy some outdoor living this summer, consider the benefits of Awnings

Cleaning the summer essentials

The barbecue – Depending on the type of barbecue you have in your garden, the cleaning difficulty can vary and of course will vary in how exposed it has been to the harsh conditions of winter. If you have a stone barbecue you will have very little to do, however, you may have to remove any rust that has accumulated in wet conditions. If you’ve put your barbecue away for winter, it might just be a case of a quick spring clean and dust down before inviting family and friends to a party.

Garden furniture – If you have an outdoor sofa and other items, then you will have to make sure they are all fit for summer use. It is advisable to take in your cushions from all outdoor seats during the winter.

Treat the fences

During the winter months, there is likely to be wear and tear to the condition of your garden fences. In the lead up to summer, it is a good idea to give your fence a treatment or refresh with a new colour to improve its health and appearance. A creosote treatment will provide extra protection from those hot sunny days.

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