The strength of Samson the Nazirite is legendary, the stories that are told in the Bible tell of how he was able to slay a wild Lion with his bare hands and with just the jaw-bone of a Donkey he was able to slaughter the whole Philistine Amy by himself!  His strength was a gift from God and as long as he didn’t ever cut his hair, he was able to retain his incredible superhuman abilities. If you need strength like Samson for an important strong feat that you need to complete then contact companies such as and invest in some professional Bending Machines and get that job done.

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Unfortunately, Samson was eventually betrayed by his lover, Delilah, who ordered her servant to creep into Samson’s bed chamber while he was asleep and cut off his hair.  When the wicked deed was done, she also handed Samson over to his sworn enemies, the Philistines who after gouging out his eyes forced him to work in a mill at Gaza, grinding grain.  The Philistines then made a huge mistake and took Samson to their Holy Temple of Dagon, they didn’t know that his strength had been stored in his long hair and by the time he was taken to Dagon his hair had gown long again!

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When he stood between the stone pillars in the Temple, Samson Prayed to God for his strength to return and when God granted his wish, he pushed with all his might and the temple collapsed, killing him and everybody inside!

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