It is generally accepted that the pines of Adonis and Italus are the oldest trees in Europe. Adonis is one thousand and seventy five years old and Italus is one thousand two hundred years old. They are nothing compared to Methesula, the oldest tree in the world at over four thousand years old, whose location remains a closely guarded secret to this day. Or are they the oldest? There is one tree, an old gymnosperm evergreen, that is reckoned to be over nine and half thousand years old. This is Old Tjikko.

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Whatever the age trees need some tender loving care and Dorset Tree Surgeon are certainly up for the job.

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Why is Old Tjikko not the oldest tree in Europe let alone the world. The answer is not as simple as you would expect. Methesula, Adonis and Italus are all trees that come from a single seed and have grown, continuously and without pausel over their lifetime. Old Tjikko is a clonal tree. In other words it has cloned itself and grew again and again from its root system, but it is not the same tree as what originally grew. If we use the biblical and classical references it would be better to call it Lazarus or better still Doctor Who.

Why Old Tjikko is not the oldest tree in Europe.

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