Receptionists are key employees in many businesses and they are often the first person that visitors have contact with. It is important to have a clearly signposted reception area in your business and to make this as welcoming as possible with Reception Chairs and refreshments available. For reception chairs visit Bestbuy Office Chairs and you can find some great water cooler businesses online too.

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Here are some of the key tasks that you may want to get your receptionist to complete.

Greeting visitors – receptionists will greet visitors as they come into your building and depending on the type of work that you do they may then ask them to sign and give them a visitor’s badge to wear around the building. The receptionist will then either take them to the room that the meeting is being held in or will direct them to the seating and call the individual that they are meeting to notify them of their visitors arrival

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Answering telephone & emails – during the periods of time that no visitors are attending the building the receptionist can be responsible for answering the general enquiries line and also responding to any general emails. This can involve responding to the individuals as well as forwarding on any email that needs to be dealt with by other staff members.

Booking meeting rooms – having your receptionist book and maintaining the meetings rooms is a good idea as they are the ones you will be greeting the visitors when they arrive and they will be able to plan for meetings and to be aware of when visitors will be attending the office.

Key tasks for a receptionist

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