Several people have a claim to have invented the Jet Engine but it is generally accepted that the real originator was Sir Frank Whittle. The main reason Whittle is accredited with the accolade is because he was able to make and create a working example in the shape of the Gloster Meteor. There is a very good free Museum just outside of Gloucester that is dedicated to the jet engine plus it has many examples of planes from the past. It’s one of the many reasons why owners of a Park Homes Gloucester based site enjoy living there. In fact, if you’re Looking for a park home in Gloucester then it’s a great place to start.

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Whittle was born in Coventry, just up the road from Gloucester, and he showed a great aptitude for engineering straight away. However it was the field of flight that really enthused him and as soon as he could he applied to join the Royal Air force to become a pilot. Sadly for Whittle he was rejected. His physical stature meant that he could not qualify as a pilot. Not to be outdone he persisted and was finally granted an apprenticeship. He was soon working on engines and developing his skills to become an accomplished pilot with a great understanding of the mechanics of flight.

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He began, with little support from the military, to develop his jet engine design. With the assistance of two retired RAF officers and a private firm a prototype for his jet was developed. Suddenly everyone took an interest and he was flooded with offers.

The man who invented the jet engine

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