We like to think that everything in the 60’s is all groovy man, flowers, paisley and tye dye. Whilst this might be true of London and the new Carnaby streets boutiques there was still a lot of conformity in mens fashions. Jeans and Denim were starting to reign supreme as were the timeless work/fashion combination of Farah Shirts, still available from https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah in terms of everyday wear. While there was a feeling that colour might be an idea after decades of grey men’s fashions were on the brink of changing to the more flamboyant.

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The start of the decade, and in truth throughout, saw the single breasted suit, with a continental style, come back. The tie was thin as everyone wanted to look like they could hang out with the Rat Pack in Vegas.

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Music was the real driver. Rock and Roll was thrusting denim into the limelight with Elvis Presley but for the most part the 4 piece bands and crooners went with suits. Once the Beatles dropped their trademark suits then things began to move toward the more florid mix of eastern styles and western practicalities. Designers like Quaint, Carden and Largerfield were ready to launch bolder styles and the Mod’s, their ears full of The Who and The Kinks were happy to receive it.

Men’s fashions of the 1960’s.

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