Whilst we are all still navigating our way through the lockdown easing process and other countries are still looking at ways in which they can try to contain the virus that has swept across the world, the future of Formula One has been left in some doubt for this year and next.

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There have been discussions around having closed circuits with televised races. You will of course want to make sure that you contact a TV Aerial repair Gloucester company if you have a fuzzy picture as you won’t want to miss any of the action.

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One of the most anticipated races of each season is that of Monaco. Not only is it one of the only road races in the Formula One calendar but is also one where it is incredibly difficult to overtake another driver apart from a few spots on the circuit. The country itself is incredibly beautiful and people often tune in to the race to see the drivers and to see whether they can spot any of the celebrities that frequent the stylish location. For many dedicated fans it is one of the races that they have on their bucket list of races to see in person at one point or another in their lives.

Enjoying the delights of the Monaco Grand Prix

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