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Kampala: Prepare to Be Mesmerised

September 25, 2019 11:46 am



Uganda’s capital Kampala is a fascinating blend of bustling city life surrounded by areas of breathtaking natural beauty. The contemporary shopping malls and modern districts with foreign embassies and government buildings sit closely alongside the chaotic and exhilarating backstreet life.

Boda-boda drivers weave frantically through the traffic and pedestrians above the sound of excited conversations, haggling and the blaring horns of minibus-taxis. At the height of Kampala’s Nakasero Hill are the sumptuous dwellings of the elite and wealthy tourists. Luxurious hotels and a refreshingly verdant area of gardens, parks, and trees provide a stark contrast to the crowded chaos of the centre of the city.

A Taste Of Africa

The fragrant aromas from restaurants serving authentic Kampala cuisine drift through the open city. The city’s cookery culture is also infused with elements of Indian, Chinese and Mexican cooking. Fang Fang remains one of Kampala’s most popular and outstanding Chinese restaurants. On a balmy day in the golden African sun, don’t forget to sample Yasigi too – the first microbrewery in Uganda. The amber ale is the perfect accompaniment to the brewery’s famous pulled-goat burger. There is also the opportunity to see how the famous beers are made.

Wild at Heart

A trip to Uganda would perhaps not be complete without visiting the majestic gorillas who call the area their home. Uganda gorilla trekking is world-famous for its unrivalled opportunity to see these rare and powerful animals up close in their natural habitat.. Gorilla tourism has been praised for its ability to generate much-needed conservation and sanctuary funds. The International Gorilla Conservation Programme works tirelessly in the area.

Kampala offers a fascinating glimpse into the past as well as a thriving future. It is home to the historic Kusabi tombs, currently protected by the UNESCO World Heritage listings and enjoying a full restoration. For art and culture lovers, the Afriart Gallery features the work of local artists as well as a permanent exhibition of items for sale. The lively Owino Market provides hours of entertainment and unrivalled opportunities for people-watching. Featuring every imaginable item, from traditional handmade clothing and jewellery to natural medicines, you’re certain to find some unique and memorable gifts to take back home.

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