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The best adhesive tape for displaying artwork

August 25, 2020 5:23 pm


We take a look at some of the best adhesive tapes for displaying artwork below.

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ProTech Foam Mounting Tape

This is probably the best priced tape that will be listed today. This strong tape is made from acrylic glue and clear foam and can adhere artwork to a wall temporarily. It is compatible with many surfaces including concrete, wood, vinyl, paper and wood to name a few. If you are an artist you will be used to displaying your pieces at exhibitions and shows that are not necessarily made for displaying art exclusively so they probably will not have nails or screws built in for your use. This adhesive tape is a handy swift solution, especially when dealing with trickier pieces of art.

Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape

This tape is an affordable, extremely durable tape which sticks to rough and smooth surfaces alike. Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape is easy to use and can hold up to 30 pounds of weight. It is also waterproof and heat resistant which comes in handy for outdoor installations.

Because this tape is essentially built to adhere to non-traditional surfaces, it can sometimes be a bit tough to remove, a good trick to getting it off without ruining any paint or scuffing any surfaces is by treating the adhesive with a silicone sealant remover. Sometimes, especially in a professional setting, a clean removal is preferred and to aid a clean removal you need a safe and effective solution such as silicone sealant remover.

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Scotch Brand Extreme Mounting Tape

Although a lot pricier, this tape is compatible with an assortment of surface textures including metal, concrete and wood amongst others. It is also weather and temperature resistant, making it an ideal choice for an array of displays.

Artwork is vibrant and alive and even if you are not an artist but own a piece of art you will want the option to move it around once in a while and change its position in your home. It would therefore be a good idea to invest in a silicone sealant remover and keep it handy for a clean and tidy removal.

XFasten Double Sided Mounting Tape

For a more dynamic approach this tape is a great option for layering paper works. It is very strong and great for adhering tools to a wall.

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