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How to Keep Your Airline Luggage Safe

August 26, 2020 4:39 pm


Everyone has either experienced or heard stories of airlines losing passengers’ luggage. Finding out that you’ve arrived at your holiday destination safely but your luggage hasn’t will put an immediate dampener on any holiday. Here are some things you can do to keep your airline luggage safe and help your travels get off to a good start.

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Include Your Details

Do you remember when you were in school and your parents painstakingly wrote your name on the inside of your school coat so you didn’t accidentally come home with a piece of clothing that wasn’t yours? It took a while to do, but it made sure you didn’t mix your property up with someone else’s. Make sure you do this with any airline luggage while travelling. There’s no way of getting a lost luggage item back to its owner if they haven’t included their name and address details.

Have Unique Bags

You might have experienced the sinking sensation you get when trying to pick your plain black bag out from all the other plain black bags on the luggage carousel. This problem is easily avoided. Buy a bag that’s an unusual colour or has a vibrant pattern that’s easy to spot. Even better, unleash your inner artist and customise your luggage by hand.

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Use a Security Seal

If you don’t use a security seal on your luggage, there’s the possibility that a thief could get into your belongings. Give yourself some peace of mind while travelling by investing in a good-quality lock for your suitcase. Don’t worry if you’re travelling with a range of different kinds of bags and suitcases, as companies such as Acme Seals provide a large range of security seals to cover all your luggage security needs.

Track Your Luggage

Tracking your luggage might seem like a very hi-tech idea, but it’s something that’s getting more and more popular. Luggage trackers are immensely useful in cases where luggage has been lost, stolen or delayed. You will be able to keep an eye on the location of your luggage, giving you the ability to sort out any issues as soon as they arise. You can choose between Bluetooth trackers, which work best over shorter distances, or GPS trackers.

There are many steps you can take to keep your airline luggage safe. Following these tips should help your travels go smoothly.

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