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How does Botox work?

May 12, 2020 1:20 pm

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Botox is the trade name for a substance that is used and well known in the beauty and cosmetic industry. It is used by companies like http://doctorkate.co.uk/doctor-kate/ who offer Botox Treatments Cheltenham way as well as other treatments. It is most often used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are associated with ageing and has also successfully been used by individuals who struggle with excessive sweating.

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It is injected into specific areas of the face and other muscles using an extremely fine needle. For most people it only causes a mild amount of discomfort. The botox is injected into the muscle and over the next three to seven days the client will see the results of the treatment. The botox injections will last anywhere from four to six months. This is due to the fact that the effect it has on the muscles is only short lived. Botox essentially blocks signals from the nerves from getting to the muscles. This means that the muscles can then no longer contract which is what causes the wrinkles to soften and appear more relaxed. Once the effects start to subside a client will then look to have botox injected again into their face area.

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