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Six top trends for your winter wardrobe

January 6, 2022 5:14 am


With Covid still creating waves in the world, life can seem like a bit of a struggle. Thankfully, elevating your winter wardrobe can also lift your mood. So, here’s a few ideas to put on your sales’ shopping list this year.

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1. Knitted polos

Starchy shirts were out of kilter with the times when the designers chose their styles for this winter, and thus the trend for knitted polo shirts was born. Spongy-knitted pieces featuring the classic shirt elements without the crinkly up-tight effect have been promoted by the likes of Prada, Jil Sander, Hermes, and Fendi.

2. Red alert

Red is not just for Christmas and is big news in men’s fashion for the whole of this winter. The key to making the most of the look is picking one bright piece and teaming it with neutral items to prevent overkill. You can tailor the look to suit your own style with anything from an urban-chic bright red hoodie to a classically styled red corduroy shirt from the Ralph Lauren menswear collection. Shops such as EJ Menswear are brimming with ideas to add some colour to the dull days of winter and to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Jil Sander, ERL, Isabel Murant, Etudes, and Ermenegildo Zegna.

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3. Day spa style

If the winter weather leaves you feeling like doing nothing more than chilling out on your sofa, then the day spa chic look is the perfect choice. There are wraparound takes on more traditionally tailored items, as well as more dressing gown styles than ever before, to fit in with the home working and living trend of the moment. Read more about home working in 2022 on the BBC news website at Covid: New Plan B rules on working from home and masks announced for England – BBC News.

4. Posh wellies

Wellies have taken a posh turn this year with designers in all price ranges offering their own takes on the winter classic.

5. In the trenches

Trench coats are still flapping around and are bigger news than ever. Choose yours from the high street or go to town with offerings from the likes of Burberry, Fendi,
Dries Van Noten, or Virgil Abloh.

6. Get knitted

Knitted tank tops or sweater vests may not automatically speak of high fashion but they are this year thanks to inspiration from the likes of Prada, Wales Bonner, and Hermes.

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