The UK has a housing shortage problem – it is believed by experts that the gap between affordable housing that is available and the amount of people who will need housing is around 1 million – despite many new homes being built, there still needs to be more done to provide people with affordable housing.

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This situation leads to people being stuck in rental accommodation – unable to save up enough for a deposit, as the soaring private rental costs continue to grow, and eat into any money that people could save up for a deposit on a home of their own – it is certainly a system that needs to be reviewed.


Despite this bad news there are schemes in place that can help people wanting to get on the housing ladder – one of the most successful schemes is the Government backed help to buy scheme, which has successfully helped many people purchase a home of their own as they do not need as large a deposit.

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Another great way to have a home of your own is to look into self build homes – this is a great way to have the home you want as you can have a lot more freedom with how it is designed, and it is an increasingly popular choice for many people who want to own a home of their own. There are companies who can help you with a project like this such as Ifurb self build homes Birmingham. If you don’t have a lot of experience with building a home of your own, it is good to seek expert assistance.

How the Housing Shortage could be Resolved

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