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Top 7 reasons why your garage door is not working properly

June 24, 2020 2:10 pm


There can be several causes for the improper working of garage doors. But the following 7 reasons are most commonly faced. A professional worker can fix these issues easily. The following are the details of these 7 problems. If you experience such problems, immediately call for a repairer.

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The automated doors some time don’t open by remote. It may be happening due to a dead battery in the remote. So, before arranging for the repair you must check the battery of remote.

An abnormal speed of opening of the door may be detected. If this is the case, the tension springs or cables may have a breakage. Don’t try to do it yourself. Get the services of professionals. For Garage Door Repair Bristol, visit a site like https://www.upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk/garage-door-repair-and-spares/garage-door-repair-bristol/

You may see some gaps between the doors. It may also be giving off a noisy sound from the door. This gape or noise is being produced due to the false alignment of the garage door. You have to get it fixed soon by a professional.

Sometimes the garage door opens normally but does not close by remote. It happens due to dirt or wrongfully aligned sensors.

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Trash or any object present in the way of the door can stop the closing of the door and cause it to open again.

The rusted torsion springs do not lift the door up properly. You have to repair them as soon as possible.

The manually locked automated doors do not open by remote. So try to open the door manually before arranging the repairer.

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