Are you thinking of having your kitchen revamped, perhaps you have contacted a  Fitted Kitchens Norwich company to come in and redesign your space for you. Before your Fitted Kitchens Norwich From Grays are installed you should think about the types of appliances that you want to have in your new kitchen. Here are some of the top kitchen appliances that every kitchen should have.

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Washing Machines – Everyone needs to have a way to wash their clothes and thankfully we have washing machines. When it comes to choosing one for your kitchen you should think about whether you are having your appliance integrated or freestanding. An integrated washing machine will be slightly smaller in capacity than a free standing one.

Fridge & Freezer – keeping your food fresh you can choose a fridge-freezer or a separate fridge and freezer. There are some great options available from chest freezers to tall ones and from small under counter fridges to tall larder style fridges and also those that dispense cold water and ice.

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Oven – again everyone needs a way to cook delicious meals and you can choose from standard ovens and hobs to those that are designed to stack on top of one another and the larger aga style ovens.

Coffee Machine – if you love a coffee first thing in morning or after a long day at work why not take a look and one of the many different types of coffee machines that are available and treat yourself.

Top appliances every kitchen should have

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