Have you ever received a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or perhaps visited a Tewkesbury Florist such as https://flowershedtewkesbury.co.uk/ to pick out an arrangement for a dear friend or loved? If so, you will have felt the joy that flowers bring to each of us.

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A study that was conducted at Rutgers University looked at different gifts and the joy that they each brought to the recipients. A fruit basket produced joy and happiness in 90% of people, a candle gift 77% but fresh flowers produced a staggering 100%. Meaning that all of the people that received the gift of fresh flowers were happy and overjoyed to have received them as a gift.

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There are many reasons as to why flowers may produce this kind of reaction but it is thought that it has to do with the way in which flowers appeal to so many of our senses as well as our memories. The beautiful colours and aromas appeal to us and they help to produce memories of when we have smelt those aromas before. Smell is an incredibly powerful sense and it can have a positive and negative effect on our moods and emotions. The sweet fragrant smell of flowers produces a positive response to our mood and feelings. This is especially true if you have fond memories attached to the scent that you are smelling. For example if your partner regularly buys you roses on your anniversary and they were your flower of choice on your wedding day.

Why do flowers make us so happy?

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